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You Bring It to us, or we pick it up. Prices vary depending on the severity of the infection or repair. Call our office today!

Sometimes bringing your pc back to our shop is necessary and more convenient. You may have no Internet access, or the job may be so involved that the repair could take hours. At this point it's just simply much more cost effective for the customer to have us bring the computer back to the shop to finish the repairs.

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Whats included with this service:


  • System diagnostic to determine what needs to be done

  • Manually remove all Virus,Trojan and Malware infections

  • Repair damaged Operating System files to original condition

  • Clean and remove usless registry entries

  • Remove all temporary files and un-wanted startup program entries

  • Defrag hard drive with professional software

  • Replace bloated anti-virus with lightweight, fast anti-virus solution

  • Check for and install the latest Windows patches

  • A small fee for pickup and delivery

Not sure which professional repair option is best for you?
Call us and we'll suggest the best solution for you. 315-952-3502 

If needed, parts are additional

By doing business with DCS, you are bound by and agree to our business terms.

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