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Call, or contact us here, as soon as possible if you have any of these symptoms: 315-952-3502


What are the signs that you might be infected with spy-ware, viruses, worms or Trojans?


1. PC or laptop performance is sluggish.

2. PC boots up slower than it used to.

3. Software installations won’'t complete.

4. Frequent file corruption and loss of data.

5. Shortcuts on desktop no longer work.

6. Programs take longer to load than they should.

7. System crashes and hangs or freezes.

8. Your Antivirus software will not update.

9. Frequent program errors.

10. Your friends say, they're receiving strange emails from you and your not sending them.


Fake Anti-Virus Alerts

These are examples of Ransomware & Fake Antivirus programs. Click the image to enlarge.

The distribution of fake anti-virus/malware products is on the rise. Anti-virus labs are receiving a massive amount of new malware samples each day (22,000 new samples per day according to Panda Labs), and anti-virus vendors are continually updating their services to keep up with the overwhelming volume of new malware surfacing each day. 


If you are presented with a screen that indicates any of or even looks like the screen captures above, or you know its not your Antivirus program, immediately use Alt and F4 at the same time until all windows close, (do not click anything). Power off your computer the normal way, wait until the computer turns off, then unplug the power cord and hold your power button in for about 30 secondsIf this happens to you, do not continue to use your computer, if you do, you may risk further infection. At this point the Virus can be removed fairly easy. Your prompt action could prevent or limit the infection to your system or network. 


I can help with this, please use my contact page or call 315-952-3502 Just provide me with a brief description of your problem,a phone# or email address. I will usually contact you within 24 hours to review your problem with you, either by remote support over the Internet, by phone, email or on site in your home, which ever fits your schedule and you are comfortable with. 


To the right are a few examples of fake alerts and anti-virus scans which are designed to be very convincing and even look like a legitimate Antivirus program. Remember, interacting with these programs at any level, even clicking the X in the upper right corner of your window, will lead to prompt infection. 


A typical fake anti-virus program will appear to run a virus scan on the system. It will falsely claim that it found viruses and will require the user to register the product to clean the system. In the meantime, it is installing, trojans, malware, adware, spyware, worms and potentially other unwanted programs onto your system. These programs range from being a simple annoyance to a serious security threat to your computer and network. 


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